Technical characteristics of the product


Multifunctional additive for diesel fuel, MULTISSOL1000, allows for obtaining PREMIUM class fuel.

  • Packaging, storage and transport

    The product is subject to the provisions concerning the transport of dangerous goods RID, ADR, IMDG, ICAO / IATA.


    Material identification number: 3082

    Class / Classification code: M6

    Packing group: III

    Hazard Identification Number: 90


    Product classification:

    Product classified as: dangerous for the environment


    Pallet container IBC 1000L - UN 3H1 /Y1,84/.../...*/

    Elements of marking

    The product is stored at a temperature not higher than 40°C and not lower than -10°C and remains fully usable and effective for 1 year.

See also:

  • Multissol1000 - Destiny

    Wielofunkcyjny dodatek uszlachetniający do oleju napędowego MULTISSOL1000 pozwala na uzyskanie paliwa klasy PREMIUM przy zastosowaniu w stężeniu 1000 ppm (mg/kg; 1 litr na 1000 litrów paliwa).

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  • Multissol1000 - cleaning effect

    In order to ensure proper engine power and complete fuel combustion, it is necessary to keep the power supply clean. Preventing of deposit sticks on injection equipment is of particular importance in Heavy Duty Diesel engines. Petroleum oil, as well as biocomponents contained in commercial fuel, do not have the ability to dissolve or wash off sediments accumulating on the surface of the engine's power system components.

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  • Multissol1000 - Cetane number

    The cetane number of diesel fuel characterize its combustion in engine, which begins with self-ignition of the fuel. The time from moment of injection of diesel to the cylinder until the moment of self-ignition is the period of self-ignition delay.

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  • Multissol1000 - Corrosion protection

    In order to protect elements of the diesel engine power supply system against corrosive fuel, corrosion inhibitors are added. The effectiveness of corrosion protection is tested according to ASTM D665A.

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  • Multissol1000 - reduction foaming

    The effects of MULTISSOL1000 adding to the standard diesel fuel (of properties consistent to the PN-EN 590) are: - keeping the supply system of diesel engine in perfect cleanliness, in particular engine with high-pressure Common Rail injection system, - increasing the cetane number from 4 to 6 units, - reducing the foaming of fuel, - improving the ability to water demulsifying from the fuel.

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  • Multissol1000 - Influence of the additive on the interface of diesel fuel - water

    Diesel fuel does not mix with water and does not dissolve water. At the interface between water and diesel, an emulsion may form, especially when the fuel contains a biocomponent in the form of FAME or is long stored.

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  • Multissol1000 - Physicochemical properties

    Multifunctional additive for diesel fuel, MULTISSOL1000, allows for obtaining PREMIUM class fuel.

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  • Multissol1000 - Application rules

    In order to ensure full homogenization of the MULTISSOL1000 additive with diesel fuel, and striving for maximum effectiveness of the additive, it is recommended to add the additive during reloading or before pumping or before refueling the tanks.

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  • Multissol1000 - Packaging, storage and transport

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  • Multissol1000 - Legal note (according to Polish law)

    Adding MULTISSOL to fuel does not create a liability in the excise duty and does not require a tax warehouse because it is delivered with the excise paid

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