Sales and delivery regulations

Sales and delivery regulations

Placing an order means also accepting the following conditions

Invention Company PETROL
Paczuski Maciej Puławski Ryszard
Targowa 20 Str., 09-405 Płock

tel. 24 262 69 28
tel./fax 24 264 75 37

NIP: 774-001-37-18
REGON: 004730126

Bank account number:
77 1020 3974 0000 5902 0003 0775

1. Orders are accepted:

- by phone: 24 262 69 28 (Mon-Fri, 8:00 - 15:00)
- by fax 24 267 75 37
- by e-mail:
- by post: PETROL S.C. Płock 09-400, Targowa 20 Str

2. Orders are not additionally confirmed, however, at the customer's request we send a confirmation of order acceptance.
3. The order will be processed under the condition that the goods are in stock. In case of unavailability of the goods covered by the order, the Customer is informed about the status of the order and makes a decision on the manner of its implementation (partial implementation, extension of waiting time, cancellation of the entire order).
4. A VAT invoice or a receipt is issued for each order, depending on the client's request.
5. Shipping costs when ordering quantities over 2000 L are covered by the seller.
6. At the quantity above 2000 liters, the delivery is made within 24-72 hours from the date of placing the order (in the case of suspension of 96-day excise duty), own transport of the supplier or other.
7. At the quantity below 2000 L, the delivery is made at the contracting party's cost through the RABEN courier company.
8. In the case of order processing through the courier company, the supplier undertakes to send the order on the day it is received, if it reaches the supplier's office (by e-mail, by phone, fax) until 9:45, in other cases the order will be sent on the next business day. In addition, when transporting via a courier company, the supplier is only liable for the date of shipment, the delivery date depends on the conditions of the courier company RABEN (approximate time 24-72h).
9. The cost of shipping is calculated according to the price list of the courier company
10. The customer may make changes to the order until the invoice is issued. The customer may withdraw the order only by phone: 24 262 69 28.
11. The customer can not withdraw, cancel orders that have already been sent.
12. In the absence of effective cancellation of the order, the costs of not picking up the parcel and returning it to the seller shall be charged in full to the orderer.
13. The price given in the price list as Wholesale price, always applies in the case of a one-off order from 500L.
14. All prices are given in Polish zloty and do not include VAT. The price given for each commodity is binding at the time the customer orders. The Seller reserves the right to change the prices of goods on offer, to introduce new products to the offer, to carry out and cancel promotional campaigns or to introduce changes in them. The prices of goods do not include delivery costs, which are given separately.
15. Personal collection is possible after prior confirmation by the Seller of the availability of goods.
16. The customer pays for the goods ordered on delivery: the receivable is collected by the courier.
17. An order with a "Prepayment" type of payment is executed only after receiving the payment or confirmation of the transfer. We wait 3 business days for the effect, counting from the day the order was placed. After this date, the order is canceled.
18. The value of the order with the "On delivery" payment, due to courier companies' regulations, may not exceed PLN 8,000.
19. Payment terms are set individually when placing an order.
20. The Seller reserves the right to refuse to process the order in case of default with the previous delivery payment if the date of payment specified in the previous delivery document has already expired, and if, despite the lack of payment, the value of the trade credit exceeds PLN 50,000 and when there is a justified risk that the receivable for previous or current deliveries will not be paid. The customer will be notified of the refusal to process the order by phone, e-mail or fax, depending on the client's request.
21. According to the Act of March 2, 2000 "On the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product", the customer may resign from the product bought in our company without giving a reason within 10 business days from the date of delivery. This is possible only when the goods are intact. Returned goods should be sent together with the invoice, receipt received with him. The seller guarantees the return of the amount equal to the price of the goods. The money will be returned within 21 business days of receiving a refund by bank transfer to the account specified by the customer or by postal order at the address indicated in the order. The cost of returning the goods is not refundable.
22. All goods are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
23. Complaints. If after receiving the goods the customer finds technical defects in it, he should report the fact to the Seller. All complaints are dealt with at the latest within 14 business days of their receipt. Goods with a technical defect will be exchanged for another, wholesome, and if this is impossible, the seller will refund the buyer the equivalent of the product price.
24. Placing an order by sending the order form by e-mail, fax or post or by phone to the Seller's employee is tantamount to concluding a sales contract. The contract is concluded between the Customer and PETROL Co.. Preservation, security and access to the essential provisions of the contract concluded and the Customer's data is done by printing and handing over the invoice or order specification to the customer along with the shipment. Customer data, including personal data processed for the purpose of the contract, are also recorded by PETROL Co. in an IT system or a paper file for the purpose of archiving transactions in accordance with applicable regulations.
25. The contract for the sale of goods is concluded in accordance with Polish law in Polish.
26. The competent court for the settlement of disputes arising from the sale agreement is the court competent for the defendant's seat or the court competent for the place of performance of the contract.

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