Technical characteristics of the product


"DIESOL" is tested: in the Laboratory of PKN (Polish Petroleum Consortium) S.A. in Płock

  • Diesol - Packaging, storage and transport

    • barrel 200L - UN 1A1 /X1,4/250/...*/PL/COBRO 367 / ŁAS, lm 3520
    • canister PEhd 30L - UN 3H1 / Y1 / 100 /.../ PL / COBRO 1238 / SUWARY
    • IBC ...

    ADR conditions - Appendix A.5, group of packages III

    • warning label: No. 3 (ADR Appendix A.9 lm3902)
    • material identification number (UN): UN 1268 - petroleum products i.n.o .;
    • Hazard Identification Number: 30 (same as for diesel oils)
    Material classification:

    RID: kl 3, lm 301, p.31c

    ADR: kl 3, lm 2301, p.31c - Classification Certificate Nr 138/IPO/96

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  • Diesol - Purpose

    Depressing and dispersing package for diesel oil (ON) and light heating oil

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  • Diesol - Effect on diesel fuels

    The product's mechanism consists in modifying the structure of paraffinic hydrocarbon crystals formed as a result of cooling of diesel fuel and inhibiting the sedimentation of paraffin crystals in diesel fuel thanks the content of a special dispersing agent.

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  • Diesol - Właściwości fizykochemiczne

    A light - yellow liquid that mixes in every proportion with diesel.

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  • Diesol - - Application rules

    To reduce the nuisance of dispensing operations and ensure complete homogenisation of "DIESOL" and to maximize the effectiveness of the preparation follow the directives given in the instructions for use

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  • Diesol - Packaging, storage and transport

    Packaging, ADR Terms, Classification, Designations

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  • Diesol - Toxic and fire characteristics

    Highest admissible concentration, Danger class, Fire hazard class, Recommended extinguishing media

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